Keter is an Example of Sustainability Practices, Thanks to Alejandro Pena

Keter is a lifestyle brand. It creates household items that last a lifetime. The company is committed at every step of the process to reducing carbon emissions, from the initial design phase to the end of the value chain.

Alejandro Pena serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Keter. He is responsible for the organization’s overall goal and direction. The key components of sustainability that are the basis for Keter’s business approach include three aspects. These three pillars are the basis of Keter’s business decisions: better products, better business, and a better planet.

Keter’s highest executives aren’t the only ones who appreciate sustainability. Pena said that every day, colleagues from all over the world rise to meet the challenge. They believe in a bright future and that we can create a better business and, even more importantly, a better planet. This passion and dedication to sustainability are part of why the company has successfully reached its sustainability goals.

Better Products

Keter’s lifestyle products offer customers many benefits, not the least of which is durability. Keter’s lifestyle products are high quality and built to last. The company claims that each product is intended to last a lifetime. Keter products can all be recycled indefinitely, which is another sign of their commitment to making superior products. Alejandro Pena said, “We don’t believe in single-use items.” Their products are recyclable and contain up to 100% recycled content. Keter used 160,00 tons of materials that were recycled in the year 2021. That figure is five times higher than that of the Statue of Liberty.

Better Business

Alejandro Pena’s dedication to sustainability, which is why the Keter firm currently operates five production sites, is even more significant. The Keter Green Spaces program was developed in partnership with The Education Fund. This is a community outreach initiative. Keter’s goal is to inspire and educate future generations to be more environmentally aware and to encourage efforts to make a positive difference in the world.

Better Planet

Keter has made sustainability a core tenet since the inception of the company. As its Chief Executive Officer, Keter, assisted by Alejandro Pena, has set a challenging goal: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025. Keter is always seeking new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and achieve its sustainability targets. They regularly analyze and improve their processes to ensure the health and well-being of the ecosystem around them when carrying out any commercial activity. The company is involved in activities that promote climate resilience and also engage in water conservation efforts.

Keter believes that every company should have a strong sense of responsibility for the planet’s well-being. Each member of the company strives to make and construct products that are both attractive and practical. All this while considering the effects each product has upon the environment.

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